Selecting and Electing Judges

Selecting and Electing Judges


Judicial Selection


Judges: Elect 'em or Select 'em?

The Texas Commission on Judicial Selection ( held a hearing for testimony and public comment regarding the judicial selection process in Texas. The Commission was created by the Texas Legislature during the 86th Legislative Session through HB 3040 and is required to study and review the method in which judges are selected in Texas. The Commission will submit a report to the Legislature with its findings and recommendations by December 31, 2020. The first hearing took place in Corpus Christi (via Zoom) and you can listen here.

Two local league members spoke: Chris Davis Garcia (on behalf of the league) and Coretta Graham (as a local lawyer and small business owner).

The position of the League of Women Voters of Texas is clear:
Support the appointment/retention method and/or nonpartisan election of the judiciary. Further information on this position
can be found at

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