Local History

Local History

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History of the Corpus Christi League of Women Voters

In the beginning, an intrepid group of ladies, led by Dorothy Greene (Mrs. Sol), our first local president in 1945, worked five years to obtain voting machines for the voters of Nueces County. Through the years we have supported

  • Repeal of the poll tax
  • Council/Manager form of city government
  • Modified single-member electoral system for City Council and Corpus Christi Independent School District Board of Trustees
  • Government Center Complex in one geographical area (City Hall, County Courthouse, and CCISD Education Building)
  • Development of parks and recreational facilities for tourists and conventions (Bayfront Plaza Convention Center)
  • Creation of the Bay Drilling Committee
  • Development of Corpus Christi Beach
  • Bayfront Master Development Plan
  • Bayfront Festival Park
  • Choke Canyon Dam Site
  • Protection of sand dunes on barrier islands
  • Emergency Ambulance Service
  • Nueces County Unit Road System
  • Regional Transit Authority for public transportation
  • Certain sections of CC `90 recommendations
  • City Charter Revision of 1987
  • Coastal Management Plan
  • CUCI (Citizens United For Charter Integrity)

We have sponsored

  • Nonpartisan public forums on timely issues
  • Untold numbers of candidates luncheons and rallies
  • Semi-annual voter registration drives
  • Election workers and poll watchers' training sessions
  • Televised Candidate Forums
  • State of the City luncheons

We have published and distributed

  • Nonpartisan Voters Guides
  • School district, city, county, state and national candidate elections
  • City Charter revision elections
  • Texas Constitution amendments elections
  • Bond issues elections
  • Citizens Handbooks
  • Know Your Corpus Christi Handbooks
  • Guidebooks for Jurors
  • Appointed Boards & Commissions Handbooks
  • Juvenile Justice Handbooks
  • Legislative Directories/Your Elected Offi cials
  • Election Workers/Poll Watchers Training Manuals
  • Facts and Issues publication on immigration in Texas

We have provided

  • Representatives on numerous boards and commissions
  • Election judges, clerks, inspectors, and canvassers
  • Testimony at countless public hearings on issues in the public interest
  • Panel members on "Know your Candidates" programs on public TV
  • Observer Corps monitors at meetings of local governmental bodies
  • LWV-CC office in the Nueces Building with a computer and fax/printer
  • "Roast and Toast" fund raisers honoring LWV supporters like (the late) Mayor Mary Rhodes and Rep. Todd Hunter
  • Get Out The Vote and Rock the Vote campaigns
  • Formation of the Texas Institute of Political Leadership Project
  • Participation in LWV-US "Making Democracy Work"

League of Womens Voters of Corpus Christi Presidents

Anne Stewart 2019-2021
Christina Garcia 2017-2019
Mary Jane Garza 2015-2017
Sandra Heatherley 2013-2015
Judy Telge 2011-2013
Evy Coppola 2009-2011
Chris Davis Garcia 2007-2009
Lois Huff 2002-2007
Pat Parr 2001-2002
Crystal Lyons and Pat Parr, Co-Presidents 2000-2001
Crystal Lyons 1999-2000
Peggy Duran 1998-1999
Gwen Henzi 1997-1998
Donna J. Strong 1996-1997
Carol A. Scott 1995-1996
Adelaide Marlatt 1994-1995
Pauline Clarke 1993-1994
Eunice Owen* and Fay Crider, Co-Presidents 1992-1993
Fay Crider 1991-1992
Nan Pillinger 1990-1991
Pat Parr and Nan Pillinger, Co-Presidents 1989-1990
Pat Parr 1987-1989
Debbie Stine 1986-1987
Tami Liddell 1985-1986
Mary Rhodes* 1983-1985
Frances Cummings 1982-1983
Donna Custer* 1981-1982
Chris Dubois 1980-1981
Margie Morrill* 1978-1980
Linda Stubing Heierman 1976-1978
Bette Harris* 1973-1975
Pauline Clarke 1971-1973
Michelene Hansler 1969-1971
Edith Coffey 1967-1969
Eunice Owen* 1965-1967
Mable Liles* 1963-1965
Jo Prashner 1961-1963
Jackie Webb* 1959-1961
Evelyn Armstrong Price* 1957-1959
Ruth Gill 1956-1957
Kathryn McInnis* 1954-1956
Emma Koepke* 1952-1954
Virginia Hartsell* 1950-1952
Muriel Allegrett* 1948-1950
Reva Gregg 1947-1948
Dorothy Greene ** 1945-1947


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