Poll Workers

Poll Workers

Poll workers returning with equipment after election day

Be a Democracy Hero by working the election! 


Why is help needed now?

  • Counties rely on trained election workers for each election. Many election workers are over 65  and are not available to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • Counties need to increase the number of trained poll workers and election judges to cover absences and prevent the closure of polling places. 
  • The earlier these jobs are filled, the more training can occur.
  • Help is needed to cover more early voting hours and new COVID-19 related tasks.  

How can I help?

What does a county poll worker do?

  • At each polling location, poll workers check in voters, answer voters’ questions, set up and test voting machines, issue ballots, etc. 
  • Poll workers help voters who encounter problems - from registration issues to voter ID questions to language barriers.
  • Poll workers may be trained to help with COVID-19 related tasks. 

When would I work?

  • Poll workers are needed during each day of early voting and on election day.
  • Each county determines the hours poll workers are needed.
  • More election-related jobs may be available.

Who can apply?

  • Any person, at least 16 years of age, interested in helping democracy work at the local level. 
  • High school and college students: this is a great way to learn hands-on about elections!  FAQs from the Texas Secretary of State on high school election clerks.

What training is provided?

  • The Texas Secretary of State offers general online poll worker training.
  • Poll workers are trained on the voting process and election rules.
  • Each county provides training on their specific election equipment and procedures. 
  • Specific election worker training is provided regarding COVID-19.

What polling place safety measures will be in place?