County Election Workers

County Election Workers

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Your county election department needs your help!

Sign up to be an election worker: Give a try. If you have any issues read on to find other methods to sign up to be an election worker in your county.  

LWVTX fights for the right of ALL Texas voters to protect their health and be allowed to vote safely and securely in our democracy!  Casting your vote is more important than ever before, and more challenging.  County election officials are committed to offering all voters a safe and secure way to vote, whether by mail or in person. They need your support!

LWVTX coordinated a webinar on May 29, 2020, to support election worker recruitment throughout the state. County election professionals answered questions, described preparations, and provided calls for action to assist them.

We are all in this together...We are in need of poll workers statewide... Call your election officials and say "How can we help? 

Heather Hawthorne, County Clerk, Chambers County/TX County & District Clerk
Association Legislative Chair

  • Find a Q & A from the May 2020 webinar -  here
  • August 2020 E-Worker Recruitment webinar, you can see it "here." If you are a county election official, spend a few minutes to watch and learn about an extremely helpful collaboration between a county elections office and LWV Austin. The few minutes it takes to watch could save many hours in recruitment time.

Why is help needed now?

  • Counties rely on trained election workers for each election. Many election workers are over 65  and are not available to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • Counties need to increase the number of trained poll workers and election judges to cover absences and prevent the closure of polling places. 
  • The earlier these jobs are filled, the more training can occur.
  • Help is needed to cover more early voting hours and new COVID-19 related tasks.  

How can I help?

  • Contact your county election office to volunteer or to apply to work as a poll worker.
  • Political parties offer suggestions to counties for election judges and deputy election judges etc.
  • Apply through or check out WorkElections a nonpartisan project that collects information on serving as an election worker in jurisdictions around the country and offers it online for potential workers. Includes information and applications for most of the counties in Texas. ( a work in progress)
  • If you can't work the polls, you may be able to help recruit new election workers! Call your county election administrator to ask how! 
  • Small counties need help too -- with one to two-member staffs, volunteers can make big difference.

What does a county poll worker do?

  • At each polling location, poll workers check in voters, answer voters’ questions, set up and test voting machines, issue ballots, etc. 
  • Poll workers help voters who encounter problems - from registration issues to voter ID questions to language barriers.
  • Poll workers may be trained to help with COVID-19 related tasks. 

When would I work?

  • Poll workers are needed during each day of early voting and on election day.
  • Each county determines the hours poll workers are needed.
  • More election-related jobs may be available.

Who can apply?

  • Any person, at least 16 years of age, interested in helping democracy work at the local level. 
  • High school and college students: this is a great way to learn hands-on about elections!  FAQs from the Texas Secretary of State on high school election clerks.

What training is provided?

  • The Texas Secretary of State offers general online poll worker training.
  • Poll workers are trained on the voting process and election rules.
  • Each county provides training on their specific election equipment and procedures. 
  • Specific election worker training is provided regarding COVID-19.

What polling place safety measures will be in place?