2018 Susan B. Anthony Awardee

Watch for your invitation to the 2018 Susan B. Anthony Luncheon.

The League of Women Voters of Dallas is proud to announce the 2018 Susan B. Anthony Award recipient, Mr. Ruel M. Hamilton.

Ruel M. Hamilton is the Chairman and Founder of AmeriSouth Realty Group. As a real estate developer Ruel has taken a holistic Ruel M. Hamiltonapproach to his real estate endeavors. He has been rehabilitating run-down apartment complexes for 23 years with the goal of transforming neighborhoods. He has taken an approach with his development in the last 12 years around one high school feeding pattern - Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, including the two junior highs, and all of the elementary schools that feed into the high school. He funds food banks, after- school programs, and free rent for non-profits and churches in each complex, as well as keeping the units fresh and affordable. He has made close to $400K in contributions in the past 18 months to the Dallas Independent School District for their programs in the feeding pattern as well.

Equal rights work includes the key element of leveling the playing field for all despite socio-economic status, race, or background. Ruel's work goes to the heart of establishing equality by creating a different opportunity in two vital aspects: housing and education.

Most of Ruel's tenants are single moms. A family living in one of his complexes has a great, safe place to live, with a local commu-nity that has a higher education development focus, unlike many of the neighborhoods immediately surrounding. He focuses on women's rights by providing a house that is safe, a community of people who look out for one another, and support for a strong education for the children. He believes that these basics are needed for a successful life and increased opportunities for women in Southern Dallas.

Ruel's business plan is to create value through physical and operational improve-ments to apartment complexes in tougher, inner-city neighborhoods. He also believes that anything he and AmeriSouth can do to improve the lives of their tenants will ultimately improve the neighborhoods within which their communities are located. This includes reducing crime and investing in education not only for the children in AmeriSouth's complexes but also the surrounding neighborhoods. He has demonstrated that lowering crime, improving schools and improving the quality of life in neighborhoods is an effective "Value Add" strategy.