Reasons to Vote

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Elizabeth Walley's Reasons You Should Vote

 1. If nobody votes, it's not a democracy.
 2. If you don't vote, people will not take you seriously.
 3. Voting is how you define yourself as part of something larger than yourself.
 4. If you do not vote, someone else will make the decisions for you. Voting is part of your independence.
 5. It matters. It matters to the future of you, your family, your community.
 6. People who don't vote are letting down their families and community.
 7. Moms, do you have an 18 year old in the family? If so, get him/her registered and be sure they vote.
 8. Refusing to vote isn't rebellion. It's surrender.
 9. Love your country? Prove it. Vote.
10. Voting is the great equalizer. The richest billionaire in America gets just one vote, the same as me.
11. What do the smart people do? They vote. Be a voter.
12. Elections have consequences. Be a voter.
13. Elected officials make all the big decisions, and they listen to the people who vote.
14. If you don't vote, you're invisible to the elected officials who make all the big decisions.
15. Did you know people with money spend billions on elections? Billions spent for television, mailers, people to make phone calls and knock on doors. The smart people spending all that money are trying to influence the voters. If it didn't matter, they wouldn't do it.
16. If you don't vote because you think your vote doesn't matter, then the people who don't want you to vote because they are afraid of how you'll vote have won.
17. Bad people are elected by the good people who did not vote.
18. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to protect your right to vote. You owe it to them to vote.
19. It's the right thing to do.