Civics Education


Find ready-to-use materials and resources for use in classrooms to prepare students to be responsible voters and citizens.  

Civics Education 

These well-respected sources contain lessons and supplemental materials and activities for teachers including lessons on voting and civic participation, grades K-12.

  • The League of Women Voters of Texas in partnership with Dallas County Community Colleges are providing this voter education series to help young people better understand their role as citizens in our state. The six modules are prepared in compliance with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) social studies requirements and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Common Core standards. The materials are designed to teach high school, dual credit, and college level students about the importance of voting and to provide tools for becoming informed voters. Each module has appropriate activities to reinforce learning. Find materials to promote to schools and community colleges in your community. Videos are also available on the League's YouTube.
  • iCivics  Teachers founded and led by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, offers relevant TEKS- aligned lessons, K-12, which are organized into 15, easy-to-use curriculum units. Each lesson incorporates lesson plans and optional assessments, games, web quests, and drafting board topics. The site requires users to register at no cost.
  • Democracy Class  a free, nonpartisan curriculum, by Rock the Vote, that educates high school students about the importance and history of voting and pre-registers and registers them to vote.
  • Project V.O.T.E. Hosted by the Texas Secretary of State, provides puzzles and games designed to help students become knowledgeable, responsible voters. It also includes a guide for a gubernatorial mock election for 2018.
  • Texas Counties Deliver by the Texas Association of Counties.  Learn more about Texas counties and county officials. Watch fun videos, read about county services and more.
  • Speak Up! Speak Out! Created by the Annette Strauss Institute. Participants work together as teams to identify community problems, craft innovative solutions that address them, and compete for the chance to present their findings to community leaders at the State Civics Fair.
  • Generation Citizen The curriculum is action-based, aligned to relevant standards, and academically rigorous.  Has as received recognition from the National Council of Social Studies, and has been iterated over time with the support of GC staff, teachers, volunteers, and consultants. 
  • YMCA Texas Youth and Government mission is to help teenagers become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation.  Their goal is to create an environment in which students can increase their political awareness and understanding while learning the meaning of social action through an actual hands-on experience in government.
  • Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yay! by the State Bar of Texas, focuses on the landmark court decisions that Texas students must know to be successful in preparing for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) assessment tests in U.S. government and history.



Leagues all over the state were active registering voters at high schools in Texas. Ask your local League to help provide a voter registration program at your school.

Help student voters never forget an election! They can sign up for nonpartisan League voting reminders or text LWVTX to 80123 to receive voting reminders by phone. 




Ensure staff & educators are empowered to vote!

The Law and High School Voter Registration

  • Principals & Teachers’ High School Voter Registration Toolkit. by Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP)
  • Texas Election Code For School Principals;  the election law that high school principals must follow.
  • MALDEF: Empower the Next Generation: Register Your High School Students to Vote! (Eng) (SP)