Wind Mills "Energy"

Joy Paulson (Midland) Issue Chair


Coalitions & Resources

  • Alliance for a Clean Texas Alliance for a Clean Texas (ACT) is a Texas coalition, where environmental, public interest, consumer-rights and faith groups have joined forces to work for clean, healthy communities.
  • Environmental Defense Fund  Environmental Defense Fund's mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. Guided by science and economics, we find practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems.
  • Environment Texas  Environment Texas is a citizen-based environmental advocacy project of Environment America. We believe there's something special about Texas -- something worth protecting and preserving for future generations.
  • Sierra Club Texas  Welcome to the Sierra Club's Lone Star Chapter! We are the oldest grassroots environmental organization in Texas. We believe our open spaces, clean water, and natural resources should be protected so that current and future generations may enjoy them.
  • Railroad Commission Agency 
  • Railroad Comission Sunset Review (April 2016) 

History of LWVTX Actions on Energy

The League of Women Voters supports energy goals and policies that acknowledge the United States as a responsible member of the world community.
  • Reduction of energy growth rates 
  • Use of a variety of energy sources, with emphasis on conserving energy and using energy-efficient technologies 
  • The environmentally sound use of energy resources, with consideration of the entire cycle of energy production 
  • Predominant reliance on renewable resources 
  • Policies that limit reliance on nuclear ëssion 
  • Action by appropriate levels of government to encourage the use of renewable resources and energy conservation through funding for research and development, ënancial incentives, rate-setting policies and mandatory standards 
  • Mandatory energy conservation measures, including thermal standards for building efficiency, new appliance standards and standards for new automobiles with no relaxation of auto-emission control requirements 
  • Policies to reduce energy demand and minimize the need for new generating capacity through techniques such as marginal cost or peak-load pricing or demand management programs 
  • Maintaining deregulation of oil and natural gas prices 
  • Assistance for low-income individuals when energy policies bear