Find Your County Election Website!

Find Your County Election Website!

Texas Flag. Counties run elections

In Texas, each county is responsible for voter registration, where to vote, when to vote, how to vote, what is on the ballot, how to become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar, or an Election Judge.

County Election Websites

The League of Women Voters of Texas conducted its sixth survey of Texas county websites in July 2020. This review was narrow in scope, focusing the information counties are providing voters regarding the impact of COVID-19 on voting and elections. Thirty counties ranked "Outstanding" in this review. Reviews for each county are available here.

"We are thrilled that many counties provide voters with safe voting options and voter safety education on county websites," stated Grace Chimene, the president of the League of Women Voters of Texas. Chimene continued, "We applaud the Texas Secretary of State’s voter information website ( for adding a button to easily access Vote By Mail information and the Vote By Mail application. We will continue to advocate for the addition of information on election recruitment and safe voting in person along with the recommendations from the 2020 Primary Election Website Review."

Key Results of the Survey on Safer Voting Information:

While there was good news - 65% (166 out of 254 counties) provide a Vote By Mail link or voter education - only 27% of counties in Texas provide adequate safe voting information to their voters. In addition, only 69 counties provided information on election worker training. Recruiting and training new election workers will be a critical component of safer elections in November. 

A Brief Summary of Recommendations:

The 2020 General Election will be here before you know it! Texas voters are concerned with staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Voters need to find accurate and comprehensive election information on their county and state websites regarding safe voting options. 

To ensure safer voting conditions, the League recommends that counties take the following steps:

Voters look to their county's website to find accurate, accessible, and useful information on how to vote safely and effectively in their communities. The League works in partnership with counties and the Texas Secretary of State to encourage the use of election website best practices to prepare for the upcoming 2020 General Election.

Update 8.3.2020 Texas SOS COVID Resource page for county election officials

Read the 2020 Texas Primary Runoff County Election Website Safety Review here.

How did your County do?

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