Organizations & Businesses

Texas Flag with Be A Texas Voter

Organizations, businesses, and schools! Help register voters & promote voting in Texas! Your local League can help!

10 actions to mobilize Texas voters!

  1. Talk about voting - stay positive! stay nonpartisan!
  2. Register voters at work! 
  3.  Get Out the Vote with League nonpartisan resources
  4. Share the League' nonpartisan Voters Guides available online at  VOTE411 or
  5. Work with your Local Leagues to provide voter registration, voter education, and candidate forums for your school, business or organization.
  6. Review your County Website for voter and elections information.  Advocate for improved information.
  7. Promote voting at work!
  8. Promote voting on social media! Stay positive! 
  9. Have yourPDF icon elevator speech ready!
  10. Have fun voting! Bring friends and family with you when you vote! Celebrate Election Day!