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Voter Education Media

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Empowering voters in Texas! Spread the word! 

Ready to use content is available here before each statewide election!

You can empower Texas voters by sharing nonpartisan voting and election information. Welcome all new and young voters to voting! Stay positive! Help voters with the process! Encourage everyone you know—your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors to vote in every election. Have voters sign up for nonpartisan voting reminders by texting LWVTX to 80123. 

Check back as the election gets closer for even more graphics and videos to share! 

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Sample Posts (updated from LWVUS for Texas)

Welcome new and young voters to voting! Stay positive! Help voters with the process! 

Important Texas Election Dates:

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: Feb. 3, 2020
  • Vote Early Period: Feb. 18- Feb 28 2020
  • Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail  (Received, not Postmarked): Feb 21 2020
  • Last day to Receive Ballot by Mail: Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2020 (election day)

Note: Hashtags help your content enter into larger conversations and garner visibility. Hashtags are most successful on Twitter, and should be used sparingly on Facebook. You should use any of the following popular hashtags: #GOTV, #Election2020, #BeATexasVoter—and tag @LWV and @VOTE411!

Also use local hashtags specific to your community’s elections. For example, #voteharris or #votesanantonio etc. Look on Twitter to see what other folks in your community are using!


  • The officials you vote into office determine policies on immigration reform, jobs, health care, education and more. Voting is your chance to choose and to weigh in on the issues that matter most to you—take a moment to register to vote now! #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • We each have the power to increase voter turnout. Register to vote & help others register, too! #BeATexasVoter #lwv #election2020
  • Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Visit your county election website or to learn how to check your registration. #BeATexasVoter #lwv #election2020
  • Registering to vote is the first step to participating in our election. Interested in setting up a voter registration drive? Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar  #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • Help ensure all Americans have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming pivotal elections. Ask your friends and family if their voter registration is up to date, consider volunteering with your local League, and share with your networks. #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • Are you registered to vote? Make sure your voice is heard! Visit for more info.
  • First-time voter? We've got you covered! Take a look at the @VOTE411 checklist:

 Feb. 1 - Mar. 3 VOTER EDUCATION 

  • Wondering who will be on your ballot in the Texas Primaries? Visit & enter your address to see the candidates and issues on your ballot. #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • Texas’s early voting deadline is Feb 28! Visit and to learn the rules and get ready to vote.
  • Who’s on your ballot? Where is your polling place? What do you need to bring with you on #ElectionDay? If you can’t answer one or more of these questions, we’ve got you covered! Head to or for all of your voting and election info. #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • Getting the voting and #electionday info you need is easy. Go to, enter your address, and we’ll do the rest. #BeATexasVoter #lwv 
  • Get ready to vote! Don’t hit the polls uninformed, check out to see your personalized ballot. #BeaVoter @VOTE411
  • Confused about election rules and regulations in Texas? and have the answers. #BeATexasVoter 
  • Election Day is just around the corner! It's not too late to visit or to get ready to vote: find your local voting rules, polling place hours, and who will be on your ballot. #BeATexasVoter @VOTE411 #BeATexasVoter #lwv

Feb. 1- Mar. 3 GET OUT THE VOTE

  • Voting is your chance to take control of the future of your family and your community. Don't let anything keep you from voting—help make democracy work! #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • Election Day is just [X] days away and we have all the info you need to hit the polls!  Spread the word to help make sure that your friends & family have everything they need to vote! #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • We're counting down, and #ElectionDay is just days away! Are you ready to vote? Visit now to view your personalized voter guide, check your local polling hours & get all the information you need to vote on election day! #BeATexasVoter #lwv
  • Every single vote matters. RT to remind your friends to vote on March  #BeAVoter @VOTE411
  • Voting is your chance to stand up for what matters most to you. Get all the info you need to vote March 3 at or #BeATexasVoter #lwv #election2020

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Be a Texas Voter in the Texas Primaries. 

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