Fight to protect democracy in Texas! Oppose SB 9!

Fight to protect democracy in Texas! Oppose SB 9!

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Time Range For Action Alert: 
May 13, 2019 to May 17, 2019

Hey, voting rights advocates!  It is time to show up in force at the House Election Committee 8:00 am on Wednesday, May 15th. YOU can make a difference by providing testimony in opposition to SB9 and/or registering in opposition. 

Can't make it to the Capitol? Email committee members to OPPOSE SB 9 which will make voting much more difficult, confusing, and scary for voters and creates more red-tape and bureaucracy for county election administrators. LINK TO LWVTX ORIGINAL POST WITH EMAIL FORM AT THE BOTTOM

  • Threatens voters with jail time and enormous fines: Voters could be punished for innocent mistakes, such as filling out their voter registration form wrong
  • Creates new red tape for those who need assistance while voting, in particular, elderly voters, voters with disabilities, and non-English speaking voters: Those who drive voters to the polls and assist them while voting will have to fill out burdensome and unnecessary new forms just to help people vote
  • Gives state officials more access to voters’ private information: The Attorney General would be given direct access to the electronic voter registration database, which includes Social Security Numbers, Driver License Numbers, and other personal information.  
  • Alters the formula for distributing countywide polling places to favor white-majority districts over non-white areas. It would tie the locations of countywide polling places to the number of registered voters in a given area, but generations of official, systemic discrimination have predictably led to lower voter registration rates in communities of color. This bill would double down on the effects of that historic disenfranchisement by using those lower registration rates as a reason to close polling places in minority neighborhoods and shift them to white neighborhoods.
  • It would bolster an ongoing campaign of selective criminal prosecutions aimed at deterring people from voting, particularly those from marginalized communities.

Originally posted by LWV Texas.