Special Session of Commissioners Court on Vote Centers

Special Session of Commissioners Court on Vote Centers

Time Range For Action Alert: 
August 14, 2019 to August 20, 2019


Workshop on Voting Centers Now Scheduled

The Hays County Commissioners Court has scheduled a special session of the court for Monday, August 19 at 5 p.m. at the Hays County Courthouse in the Commissioners Courtroom. The event is a Commissioners Court workshop on the proposed locations of Vote Centers, as well as the proposed Election Judges and Alternates for each of the proposed locations. Elections Administrator Jennifer Anderson is scheduled to be there.

The meeting, agenda, and related documents are posted here.

Originally proposed for the August 13 Commissioners Court agenda, after considerable public pushback the vote on the proposed locations and election judges was delayed to the August 20 regular session of the Commissioners Court. The deadline for counties to submit their locations and election judges to the Secretary of State is August 22.

The public has a small window of opportunity to push for changes to proposed locations, and the team of judges and alternates that would serve any new location. It is advisable to come prepared with specifics about your wants and solutions to problems you identify.

If you cannot attend in person but would like to submit comments by email, here is the contact information.
Pct. 1 Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe: Debbiei@co.hays.tx.us;
Pct. 2 Commissioner Mark Jones: mark.jones@co.hays.tx.us;
Pct. 3 Commissioner Lon Shell: lon.shell@co.hays.tx.us;
Pct. 4 Commissioner Walt Smith: walt.smith@co.hays.tx.us;
County Judge Ruben Becerra: judge.becerra@co.hays.tx.us.                                                County Clerk Elaine Cardenas: ccsearches@co.hays.tx.us

We hope each commissioner will plan to be there to listen and answer questions.

Upon your request, your email could be entered into the public record.

Below, find the list of proposed Vote Center locations, links to proposed election judges and alternates by precinct, and precinct maps that include the proposed locations.

Picture linked to document that can be read by screen readers - click here

Accessible version of first page of proposed voting locations here.

Picture linked to document that can be read by screen readers - click here

Accessible version of second page of proposed Vote Center locations here.


View a larger version of  each precincts' proposed election judges and alternates at the links below.

Precinct One   Precinct Two   Precinct Three   Precinct Four


The map below shows the four large Precincts in Hays County with proposed vote locations. To compare with the small precincts in each jurisdiction, see the Hays County precinct map at the bottom of the page.


map legend

The Hays County precinct maps provided by the Elections office are hard to read to find the proposed locations for Vote Centers. However, you may find this one helpful for the small precinct divisions within the commissioners' Precincts, as well as an indicator of population in the areas shown. If you would like a version that opens into a larger view that allows zooming in and out, click here.


A Hays County precinct map posted on the county website, with links to each precinct, is available as another reference here

The Hays County Elections Administrator formed a Polling Place Polling Study group to give input for choosing proposed locations for the Vote Centers.

From page 31 of the materials attached to the agenda for the Monday, August 19 Special Meeting:
"…[A] Polling Place Study group was formed with the following individuals serving:
Alicia Ramirez - City of Buda
Jennifer Vetrano - City of Kyle
Jamie Case - City of San Marcos
Mayor Jane Hughson - City of San Marcos Laura Calcote - City of Wimberley
Andrea Cunningham - City of Dripping Springs Sheila Lamb - Dripping Springs ISD
Dottie Busby - Wimberley ISD
Karen Griffin - San Marcos CISD
Tim Savoy - Hays CISD
Sandra Tenorio - Texas Rural Communities
The group met several times to discuss potential polling places throughout the county. They established criteria based on literature of prescribed criteria for vote center voting, as well as, individualized criteria for Hays County demographics."


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