2019 Changes to Voting Precincts

2019 Changes to Voting Precincts


New Voter Certificates to Be Mailed Out This Fall for Some Hays County Voters

The Elections Administrator's webpage announced 2019 Changes to Voting Precincts required by population growth. The LWV of Hays County is replicating the information so voters will be on the lookout for new certificated if they live in affected precincts (see link to the announcement and maps below).

"Under Election Code 42.006 and 42.001, each March and April of odd-numbered years voting precincts must be examined to ensure that they contain fewer than 5,000 registered voters. If a precinct has grown larger than that or might exceed that number before the next election, the precinct must be split and new precincts formed.

In this process the exterior boundaries of the voting precincts stay the same, but internal lines are drawn to bring the precincts in compliance with maximum allowed registered voter population. Your congressional, county and local representation will remain the same with the new precinct splits.

Statute dictates that the voting precinct splits must be made along existing physical boundaries, such as municipal jurisdiction lines, subdivision lines, rivers, roads, etc. Hays County’s mapping department assisted in determining the boundaries that could be used. In addition to where the splits are made, our office also looked at balancing the voter registration population in the new proposed precincts and sustainability and development in those areas through the next two election cycles, when this process will take place again.

This is an administrative process mandated in Voter Registration law that is different from redistricting during which officials redraw congressional, county and local jurisdiction lines based on the general population (for example, in redistricting, the precinct of your current elected official could change based on the outcome of the redrawn lines).

Registered voters affected by the split will receive new voter registration cards in the mail prior to the November 2019 Constitutional Amendment election when this change takes effect.

The Commissioners Court unanimously approved the recommended voting precinct changes presented April 2."

Along with the Hays County Elections Administrator's announcement, the maps showing precinct changes are available here.

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