Ready to Vote and 2019 Constitutional Amendments Educational Programs Offered

Ready to Vote and 2019 Constitutional Amendments Educational Programs Offered


Are you curious about the new Voting Machines in Hays County? Are you curious about the most convenient place for you to vote in the November 2019 election? The League of Women Voters was so we created a brief presentation called, “Ready to Vote 2019”. Spend an hour with us to learn about Vote Centers, the new voting machine process and what is on the ballot. Learn what resources are available so you can make informed voting decisions. We know your life is busy and it’s hard to keep up. We’re trying to help you do that.

The program on new voting machines has been very well received by attendees who came to earlier programs. We still have a number of programs open to the public and are actively working to add more.

Oct. 12—Ready to Vote/Constitutional Amendment Program—10:00 am—noon @ Sententia Vera Cultural Hub in Dripping Springs

Oct. 15—Ready to Vote/Constitutional Amendment Program—5:00 pm—6:30 pm @ Dripping Springs Public Library in Dripping Springs

Oct. 23—Ready to Vote/Constitutional Amendment Program—6:00—8:00 pm @ San Marcos Library

Other opportunities to learn about how the new voting machines work, what's on the ballot in November, and what the new Vote Centers will mean for voters are in the process of being arranged. So be on the lookout for those events.

Hart Intercivic, makers of the county's new Verity Duo voting machines posted a video of how the new machines work on their website.


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