Donors like you have made us the most trusted voice in positive solutions to public policy issues. Please note that your gift to the League of Women Voters, a 501(c)4 organization, is NOT tax-deductible.

Donating vs. Membership

As you undoubtedly know, when you join our local LWV of Hays County, you are also joining something much bigger – the State and National LWV organizations. What you may not know is that most of what you pay in annual dues, collected by our local League, is sent to pay for dues in these organizations. For the combined memberships, the current annual dues are $55.00 for an individual and $82.50 for a household.

This year we expect to collect about $3,300 in dues, but from that we will pay almost $3,000 to the State and National organizations. The remaining $300 stays with our local League. Obviously, we cannot provide the services our members and citizens expect on $300 a year!

Our Fundraiser – Funding Local Services

For over 30 years our primary source of revenue has been the annual Wine/Beer Tasting and Silent Auction each January. This single fundraiser supports all of our Hays County League activities for the entire year. We count on the profits from this one event to make our budget!

By becoming a donor, supporting our annual fundraising event, or both, you provide essential support to the local services we provide. 

LWV Hays County is widely known and respected for the wide range of voter services it provides: voter registration drives, local forums and debates, Vote411 online, and the distribution of the printed Voters Guides in local newspapers. All are services that citizens throughout Hay County rely on for unbiased election information.

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