Hays County $75 Parks Bond Proposition Information for Voters

Hays County $75 Parks Bond Proposition Information for Voters

The League of Women Voters of Hays County's mission includes helping voters have the information needed to cast an informed vote. While the League has not researched and does not hold a position on the bond proposition on the November 2020 ballot, we have compiled some resources for your decision-making.

Hays County to launch education campaign on $75 million bond
KXAN's Tahera Rahman reports. (Video may require a screen-refresh to upload, or click link.)

POSAC proposes bond for public access to all parks
Hays Free Press, August 7, 2020
By Megan Wehring
The Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC) recommends the Hays County Commissioners Court call for a bond by Aug. 17. More at link.

Hays County Kicks Off Parks Bond Outreach
San Marcos Daily Record, Stephanie Gates, Staff Reporter, Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What is the Hays County 2020 Parks Bond?
Informational website about the proposition