LWV Priorities for Texas Legislature

LWV Priorities for Texas Legislature

Banner LWVTX Voting Rights and Election Law Priorities for 86th Legislative Session


Voting Rights and Election Law

LWVTX's 86th Legislative Session Priorities


The right of every Texas citizen to vote and participate directly in democracy

  • Impartial treatment of all voters.
  • Maximum use of uniform election dates.
  • Efficient shared polling locations.
  • Convenient and accessible ballot by mail with proper safeguards.

The integrity of a safe, secure and accurate voter registration system

  • Vigilant modernization and security of registration processes.
  • Direct voter registration for convenience, security and cost.
  • Enforcement of statewide technological safeguards & cybersecurity standards.
  • Required cybersecurity training for county election officials.
  • Statewide standards for county end-user equipment.

Elections resulting in honest and accurate results

  • Transition to voting equipment renewal and required paper-trail for post- election audits.
  • Mandatory uniform training for election workers.
  • Assure enforcement of election laws.

Online Voter Registration – a proven 21st century system.

  • Takes advantage of improved Texas statewide registration system.
  • Maximizes voter registration integrity.
  • Offers accuracy more than five times better than transcribed paper forms.
  • Significantly reduces county transcription & state printing costs.

Encourage renewal of county election equipment and standards.

  • Incentivize conversion to reliable safe and secure equipment.
  • Ensure county election officials compliance with election standards.

Improve accessibility to ballot-by-mail program and assure its integrity.

  • Redesign forms for clarity and compliance.
  • Adjust time period and mechanisms for requesting ballots by mail.


Download the LWVTX priorities for the 86th Legislative Session here.