History of LWV-TX Action on Gun Safety

2001: Several gun control bills worked their way through the 77th session. Legislation, which did not pass, would have banned gun possession by juveniles convicted of felony-level crimes. Other legislation supported by the League, which also didn't pass, related to background checks of all sales at gun shows.

2003: There was a great deal of interest in who should be allowed to carry handguns and with allowing gun permit holders in other states to carry handguns in Texas. The League strongly opposes the new law that took away the power of the cities to have "Gun Free Zones" on designated municipal property. Courts, schools, and race-tracks were exempted.

2015 Texas continues to encourage the ownership and use of guns. Gun Laws passed this session include an Open Carry law which allows Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders to carry a gun visibly and a Campus Carry law which allows CHL license holders to carry on public school colleges and universities.