History of LWV-TX Action on Homeowners Association Reform

2013: The positions of LWV-TX on homeowners associations limited which bills could be analyzed or supported.

HB 35 (Menéndez) was passed. It amended the property code to provide that when an owner owns a lot adjacent to the lot on which his residence is located, the adjacent lot can be sold separately only in its original condition as to be suitable for construction as originally platted. HB 2928 (Sheets) OPPOSED would have circumvented a homeowner's right to a judicial foreclosure as established in the 82nd Legislature. It died in committee.

The 82nd Legislature in 2011 passed HB 2761, which provided that any vote cast in an election or vote by a property owners' association must be in writing and signed by the member. Immediately thereafter provision was made that electronic votes cast constitute written and signed ballots. The League position argues there is weak protection from fraud with electronic balloting. In 2013 HB 818 (White) OPPOSED would have specifically eliminated the requirement that a ballot must be in writing, signed by the member or that identity of the property owner be confirmed, greatly raising risk of fraud. It did not pass out of the Calendars Committee.