History: Payday & Auto Title Loans in Texas

2017. During the regular session of the 85th Texas Legislature, a few payday and auto title lending bills made it out of committee in both chambers, but none made it to the floor. However, Representative Craddick offered an amendment to SB 2065 what would enact the unified payday/auto title ordinance at the state level (a model local ordinance originated by the Texas Municipal League). However Representative Capriglione offered an amendment to the amendment that would preempt local payday/auto title lending ordinances. While we have heard that a few legislators were confused with the vote, the vote shows us the stance of most representatives on this issue. In the end, the bill failed, and the local ordinances stayed intact.

Note. As of January 2018 41 cities have enacted "business regulations" over payday lenders that are similar to the example ordinance available from the Texas Municipal League. Sixteen cities have enacted land use regulations related to payday and auto title lending.