Social Media & Web Sites

Social Media & Web Sites

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Increase the visibility of your League and the League's mission with social media and online technology.

*Ready to use will be available here before each statewide election: Election Sample Social Media Content & Voter Education Graphics, YouTube videos & LWVUS Social Media graphics and messages & PSAs.


Three ways to promote the League's mission through social media!

1.  Start with a FaceBook page. Named "League of Women Voters -----"
2.  Share League events, local voting, election, & gov't information, pertinent community info and events.
3.  Follow & share LWVTX & LWVUS & local League posts

Promoting Voting and Elections on Social Media

LWVTX Policy & Procedures 

LWVUS Communication for Leagues Resources 

General How to

Leagues on Twitter:

Leagues on Facebook

League Websites

  • Leagues may choose to have a website.  LWVTexas highly recommends using the MyLo website which provides an easy to use League template and customer service. 
  • Before each election use the PDF iconCounty Website Elections Information Checklist to evaluate your League website for up-to-date election information! 

Upgrade Your Website to MyLO Now!

The League of Women Voters of Texas recently upgraded their website to the My League Online (MyLO) service offered by the League of Women Voters of California. This new website-building platform offers a variety of bonuses for local Leagues in Texas. With optimized search engine work, this site is designed to interact with your local League site and increase engagement.

With MyLO, you can...

  • have your state AND National League content automatically posted to your local League website when you sign up for a MyLO website
  • co-host events with the state LWV as well as other local LWVs so the event appears on their websites as well
  • choose from several new designs and menus!

Check out the local Leagues sites in DallasComal Area, and Hays County already using MyLO!

How do you get started transitioning to a MyLO site? Visit our special web page to read and sign the MOU/Service Agreement. After payment is made, in a matter of two weeks or less your new MyLO site will be up and running!

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