League of Women Voters of Texas State Board Nominations

League of Women Voters of Texas State Board Nominations

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We're looking for leaders.

Would you or someone you know make an excellent League of Women Voters of Texas board member?

Ideal candidates are committed to the League's mission of empowering voters and defending democracy with integrity, credibility, and passion.

We are looking for committed candidates who have experience in leadership, business, government, philanthropy or nonprofit work. Creative visionaries and hard workers should apply!

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the organization’s current and future success in engaging individuals, households, communities, and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.

This is a working board. The board meets at least four times a year over a long weekend - Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. Between meetings each board member assumes responsibilities for specific tasks such as voter education, advocacy, growing strong and healthy Leagues, and we all do fundraising.

Use this form to recommend a person or yourself for the League of Women Voters of Texas Board. There are many offboard projects and activities to empower voters and defend democracy. Please let us know how your can help!

Contact the state office at lwvtexas [at] lwvtexas.org or 512-472-1100.

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