Montgomery County LWV Officers

General Information:


Leadership Team:

Carole Rock President/Spokesperson  
Marcie Rhodes Voter Services Chair 
Charleen Allen Secretary
Erica Lawrence  Communications Chair
Kimberly Villalobos Treasurer

Become a Member:

League membership is open to women and men, individuals, families and students, citizens and noncitizens. Voting members of the League must be at least 16 years of age

If you live in Montgomery County - PAY HERE

  • pay $55 dollars for an individual membership
  • or pay $75 dollars for a household membership (two living at the same address).
  • Student membership $5 - list school or university enrollment in comments.

Donate to LWV Montgomery Co.

Open Meetings:

The League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, Texas invites you to join us!  We are a non-partisan organization that encourages civic engagement and education. Children are welcome at our meetings.  For up to date League meeting and event announcements and information, go to Facebook @LWVmontcoTX or Twitter  @LWVTXMoCo.  You don’t need to have a Facebook account to view our page! 

Voter Services

The League of Women Voters provides year-round voter services information at  Personalized services include checking your registration status and identifying your polling places.  For spring and fall elections, approximately one week prior to early voting, you can create a personalized ballot to view and compare the candidates' responses to the Voters Guide questions.  The site also includes state and national information (debate schedules, etc) and helpful links.