Educators Vote

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 TEACHERS: For materials ready-to-use in your classrooms to prepare students to be responsible voters and citizens, check the internet civics courses and resources listed on the Educators page.

  • Texas Educators Vote Sign the pledge to create a culture of voting in your school!
  • The Texas Association of Retired Teachers Local units register voters and learn about issues.
  • Teach The Vote is a project of the Association of Texas Professional Educators. ATPE's goal for Teach the Vote is to provide information to voters about the public education views and platforms of every candidate running for the Texas Legislature and the State Board of Education. ATPE is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse candidates but provides information to its members and the public regarding candidates' positions on public education issues and ATPE priorities.
  •  Texas Association of School Board Culture of Voting Resolution: Ask your School Board to sign!
  • Standup for Texas Public Schools by the Texas Association of School Boards is a part of a campaign to help Texans learn about their public schools they may not have known and encourage them to support those schools to be the best they can be.