Pass a Local Resolution

Pass a Local Resolution

Our local communities can pass a resolution in support of fair, impartial, and transparent redistricting practices and call for the Legislature to do the same! Passing a local resolution is an effective strategy for building momentum.  By shifting our attention to the local level, we can focus on increasing engagement within our communities.  This will help broaden our outreach and give us a better foundation to work from.   


1.  Create a team

  • Grassroots Captain - A social person who can lead activities like phone banking or collecting signatures for a petition.
  • Media Captain - A well-spoken person or a good writer who can help spread the word to local press, write letters to the editor (and help others do the same), and write posts on social media.
  • Lobbying Captain - An organized person who can coordinate grassroots lobbying, set up meetings with council members, and help prepare you and your team for lobbying.
  • Outreach contributor - Find 3-5 local groups that would join the campaign (labor and small businesses, faith organizations, civil rights groups, farmers groups, AARP, students, women's groups, rotary clubs, environmental groups). 

2.  Create a petition that supports the passage of a local resolution.  Circulate it within your community.  Make sure they understand that fair redistricting practices will ensure that their voice is heard in such decisions as the quality of their child's school or how high their taxes are. 

3.  Write a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed about the community's efforts.    

4.  Set up meetings with council members and speak about the principles that should guide the redistricting process: fair, impartial, and transparent.  Ask them to pass a local resolution in support of redistricting reform at ALL levels of government.