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 Coalition & Resources

Fair Maps Texas- A coalition of non-profits working together to fix the broken redistricting system in Texas.  This reform effort includes a broad range of nonpartisan coalition partners and collectively, we aim to raise public awareness, build support for reform, host events, initiate grassroots activism and provide policy expertise.
Redistricting Action Kit- This Action Kit was created by the LWVUS and provides tools for League members to take action in your community.  Includes strategy ideas, example letter to the editor, and questions for legislators.
Texas Legislative Council- A site managed by the state of Texas.  Find redistricting plans, data, and comprehensive reports on 2011 redistricting.
All About Redistricting-A webpage created by Justin Levitt, a nationally recognized scholar of constitutional law and the law of democracy. Professor Justin Levitt recently returned to Loyola after serving as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. 


U.S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Presentation
2020 Census Flyer- Highlights the importance of the census and ways to get involved
Counting for Dollars 2020: Texas-A detailed report on how federal funds are distributed based on the census count
Congressional Oversight of the Census- A list of Congressional Committees in charge of the census and their sitting members
The Leadership Conference - A coalition of over 200 national organizations that promote and protect civil rights and human rights of all persons living in the U.S.  Includes links to useful handouts, reports, and webinars.
Webinar - "The 2020 Census at Risk:  Why You Should Care and What Can You Do”, created by the Leadership Conference.

Prison Gerrymandering

Prison Policy Initiative - Learn how the sheer size of the prison population combined with an outdated Census Bureau rule distorts the census and subsequent redistricting.  Some districts fluctuate +/- 10% due to this miscount, which weakens the power of our effective representation.  

 Math Behind Gerrymandering

Tufts Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group-A small Boston-based team of mathematicians launched by Moon Duchin of Tufts University.  Their mission is to study applications of geometry and computing to U.S. redistricting.
PlanScore - PlanScore presents the most comprehensive historical dataset of partisan gerrymandering ever assembled. They also provide tools for policymakers and litigators to transparently score new plans and assess their fairness.

 How to Improve Redistricting Locally

Road Map to Citizen Redistricting; (LWV Austin Area) This document is a tool for Independent Citizens Redistricting Commissions in Austin and other cities nationwide.

Legal Issues

Voting Rights Act; Redistricting information 
Texas Constitution Sections 25 - 28 of Article III 
Section 25 provides for state Senate districts to be drawn
Section 26 provides for the state House districts (and includes the requirement to adhere to a county's boundaries when the county population suffices by itself to serve as a district)
Section 28 provides the authority and the process for the Legislature to draw the districts.
National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL); Redistricting 
Perez v Perry the May 30, 2017, Texas redistricting case.
Texas Legislative Council; Texas Redistricting All about Texas redistricting 
State and Federal Law Governing Redistricting in Texas