Our Positions

Our Positions

What is a Position?

The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue only when we have a position addressing that particular issue. Members must study and come to consensus on an issue, in order to form a position. This thorough grassroots process ensures that our advocacy is well considered by a broad range of people, understood by our members, and we have a sense of the political environment.

Tarrant County Positions

As approved at the May 2020 Annual Meeting.

A) SUPPORT the regulation of gas drilling, production and associated activities in the Tarrant County area to mitigate environmental, health, and safety risks. 1-07, 5-13, 5-20
B) SUPPORT the creation of Landscape and Tree Ordinances in all Tarrant County communities to promote the livability of the community through preservation of trees and green space. 2–05, 3–06 
C) SUPPORT action to fulfill the recreational needs of the community through acquisition, development and retention of sufficient accessible and free park land and green space to meet or exceed the national minimum standards. 1–04, 5–13 
SUPPORT the enactment of an ethics code by each local governmental entity in the Tarrant County League area. 5–90, 5-13 
A) SUPPORT a governmentally subsidized transportation system. 5-87, 5–97
B) SUPPORT measures to improve Tarrant County government. 5–72
  • C) SUPPORT of a ballot system which includes an individual audit capacity for purposes of recounts and authentication of elections. 5–04, 5–11
  • D) SUPPORT free access to library services for all residents in Tarrant County. 5–88, 5-20
    A) SUPPORT continuation, improvement and expansion of health services for the medically indigent in Tarrant County, including undocumented immigrants, in order to overcome barriers to accessibility. 5–01, 4–06, 7–07, 5–13, 5–14, 5–18 (action approved) 
    B) SUPPORT access to affordable housing for people in Tarrant County. 5–89
    C) SUPPORT continuation, improvement and expansion of services to children and youth that address varied identified problems. 3–05
    D) SUPPORT aggressive planning and working with other concerned groups to coordinate mental health services for adults and children. 5–78, 5-20
    E) SUPPORT community-based services to women that encourage self-sufficiency and address social problems, and efforts to provide funding from private and public sources for women’s services in Tarrant County. 5–97
    F) SUPPORT adequate affordable basic legal services in Tarrant County. 3–07 
    A) SUPPORT a coordinated and integrated family life curriculum in kindergarten through twelfth grade in school districts in Tarrant County. Also, programs which allow pregnant students to continue their education and for educational efforts to reduce teen pregnancy, including a comprehensive program of sex education at all levels. 11 – 96, 5–11, 5-20
    B) SUPPORT a quality public education system which develops the greatest potential in each individual and increase funding for county-wide school district libraries. 5–85, 5–88, 5–11
    C) SUPPORT later high school start times that support the health, safety and academic achievement of high school students. 5–15 

    State and National League Positions

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