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The 2020 census will be the most-challenging count attempted so far.  Not only is our population at an all-time high, but Congress has also underfunded the effort.  That means we will need your help and the help of your community to make sure that every person is counted.  We encourage Leagues and other community leaders to reach out to their county officials to find out how they can assist their Complete Count Committee.   

Another idea is to host an online Community Forum on the Census and invite local leaders to speak.  Remember, the Mayor will be the most likely person from your town or city that is coordinating efforts with the Census Bureau.  They would likely know which groups to approach in your community and might even be able to recommend speakers for such an event.  It would be helpful to try invite speakers from groups that will be working with populations that are likely to be undercounted, such as children, college students, and immigrants. 

For the first time, the Census 2020 questionnaire will be available to fill out online!

Learn more: 2020census.gov