Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Volunteer Deputy Registrar

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Help Texas citizens register to vote, become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR)

Contact your County Voter Registrar to become a VDR.

Volunteer Deputy Registrar FAQs

  • You must be certified as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar by the County Voter Registrar to register voters in that county.
  • Distribute, assist in completion & review of voter registration applications
  • Accept completed voter registration applications and provide receipts
  • Turn in completed applications in person to their county registrar office within 5 calendar days.
  • VDRs serve for two-year terms expiring on December 31 of even-numbered years. 
  • Learn more FAQs with the Texas Secretary of State's 

    Volunteer Deputy Register Guide 

Three ways for you to become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar in a county

  1. A county may offer in-person VDR training provided by the Texas Secretary of State.
  2. A county may allow you to become a VDR by taking an test.
    • Study the following before you take the test: Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) and VDR examination (PDF).
    • Go to your county's voter registrar's office, during regular business hours, to take the test.
    • If you pass the VDR test, your county voter registrar must appoint the you as a volunteer deputy registrar, and advise you of any county-specific policies.
  3. You are not required to retake the VDR test to become a VDR in another county. 
    • If you passed the test in one county and are a certified VDR you should submit a Request for Appointment as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar with the new county.
    • The county voter registrar in the new county will appoint you as a volunteer deputy registrar and advise you of any county-specific procedures for completing the duties of a volunteer deputy registrar