Voters with Disabilities

Voters with Disabilities

What are my rights as a voter with disabilities?

 Your vote matters! The League encourages all voters with disabilities to "Be a Texas Voter" in every election!  Please share these resources to empower voters with disabilities along with voter education from the Voting and the Corona Virus web page.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data indicate that 25.6% of adults in Texas have a disability. What are the accommodations available to assist Texas voters with disabilities to participate in the democratic process? With the added threat of the coronavirus, what options are available for Texans with disabilities to vote safely? 

In partnership with Rev Up Texas, the Texas Secretary of State's office and Disability Rights Texas, the League of Women Voters of Texas hosted a webinar, posted below, on June 2020 to address these issues. Find FAQs from the webinar here.

Vote by mail

Apply to vote by mail. Check the "disabled" box. DO NOT write in your disability. Voters with disabilities apply once a year to receive their ballots by mail.

Vote in person

  • To avoid the lines vote early during nonpeak hours. During early voting, you may vote at any polling location.
  • Curbside Voting is available during early voting and on Election Day for voters who are physically unable to enter the polling place. Call ahead to prepare the poll workers.
  • The notice of voting order allows a voter with a disability and their helper to request to move ahead of other voters in line. 
  • The ADA requires that all polling places meet strict accessibility standards.
  • It is your right to cast a ballot privately and independently.
  • Every polling place must have at least one voting machine designed for voters with disabilities.

Voter ID

  • Voters with a disability may apply with the county voter registrar for a permanent exemption for a photo ID.

Get help with voting issues

  • Call Disability Rights Texas' hotline at 1-888-796-VOTE (8683)