Voters Impacted by Harvey


Harvey flood showing water to mailbox 2017

Harvey flooding in Texas 2017

  • You can still vote if your voter registration is in suspense! "Suspense" means that your county voter registrar needs to confirm your voting address. For Harris County confirm your voter registration here
  • If you are temporarily staying in a county where you are not registered to vote, you may submit an application for ballot by mail to your county's election office. You will need to provide a mailing address which is outside of your home Texas county
  • You may choose to register to vote in the county where you are now residing if you intend to stay in the new county. 
  • If you had one of the accepted photo IDs, but no longer have it, you may vote with one of the alternative forms of ID. You will sign the affidavit and vote a regular ballot.
  • As a last resort, if you no longer have any form of acceptable ID, you may vote a provisional ballot. You have six days to go to your county registrar's office and complete affidavit swearing to the natural disaster.