Your Vote Matters!

Your Vote Matters!

Your vote matters graphic with three women

For each statewide election, the League of Women Voters of Texas creates presentations and bookmarks for Leagues and organizations to use for voter education.

Your Vote Matters PowerPoint Presentation

Discusses voter turnout in your area compared to Texas and the nation, the impact of low voter turnout, and why your vote matters.

Your Vote Matters!  Handout

  • Leagues may easily individualize voting and election handouts on
  • Contact the state office for a link to your League's handout.
  • The handout provides election dates and deadlines, voter information websites, photo ID information, county election office website(s) and telephone number (space permitting)
  • Is two-sided and may be printed professionally or by a home printer.
  • Example handout: LWV Amarillo

Voter information bookmark