Payment Page:

Payment Page:


     Paying/Renewing Your Membership Dues

         Thank-you for helping us to Defend Democracy.   You may choose to pay by

         check and save the cost of the Paypal fee (approx 3%).  Make your check   

          payable to The LWV of Grand County and indicate "membership" on

          the memo line.  Mail to the address at the bottom of this page. 

          Annual dues are as follows: if paid bycheck.

       Individual-$45    Household-$67.50     Student-$20     

      Making A Donation

        Please consider making your donation by personal check.  Paypal will

        eat up 3% of your donation in processing fees.  Make out your check as 

        described above and indicate on the memo line either Education Fund(tax

       deductible) or General Fund (non-deductible).  Mail to the address at the

       bottom of this page.




Online Payments Through Paypal

 For Memberhip Payments- Click on the Paypal link and choose your membership type. Fees will include a 3% convenience fee to cover Paypal charges.


For Donations- Click on the Paypal link and choose the League fund you wish to support.  Please note that donations to our Education Fund ARE tax deductible.  General Operations are vital to the work of the League, but donations to this fund are NOT tax deductible.




Individual Membership-$46.60

Household Membership- $69.76

Student Membership- $20.88