LWV Arlington education position supports an inclusive curriculum, financial health, student diversity and effective class size, communication policy along with professional learning.


The League of Women Voters of Arlington supports:

Curriculum - Curriculum that is designed to include:

  1. Maintaining the present program diversity in the face of shifting enrollment patterns.
  2. Programs that impart fundamental skills (reading, writing, and mathematics);
  3. Programs in art, music, physical education, technology, and world languages;
  4. Programs that serve all students including English Learners, Students With Disabilities, Gifted Learners, Twice Exceptional Students, and those with other special needs;
  5. Programs for early childhood education;
  6. Options in type of schools, programs, and coursework for students, teachers, and parents that meet individual learning needs and interests;
  7. Preparation for new programs through extensive communication between school and community, to be followed by staff development andinitial evaluation within three years;
  8. Career and technical education as a part of all K-12 curriculum.
  9. Include opportunities for Project Based Learning that take advantage of technological developments that continue to change the way we communicate, develop, receive, and record information.                                                                                                             
  10. Funding of locally supported programs for the arts and athletics and other extra-curricular activities at a level to permit participation of all interested students.
  11. Increased emphasis on social studies in the curriculum including:                                     
    1. A social studies requirement in each grade beginning in kindergarten and continuing without interruption through grade 12.
    2. A strong interdisciplinary and global approach that incorporates information on the controversies that have propelled world events using primary source information and materials in all disciplines.                                                                                                     
    3. The inclusion of foreign language instruction at all levels. Language choices should be varied, especially at the high schoollevel.

School Bond Issues - A cost-benefit study prior to a bond decision to determine the desirability of new construction versus renovation and/or the feasibility of the project.

Salaries - Equal treatment for Arlington school and county employees in any salary adjustment that reflects cost of living factors.

School Consolidation or Expansion - The consideration of three components when making school consolidation or expansion decisions. Those components are:                                                 

  1. Giving priority to educational considerations over financial considerations.
  2. Full utilization of schools including flexible and efficient use of space to meet a wide variety of needs.                                                 
  3. Equitable distribution of school facilities throughout the county.

Student Diversity - 1. Access to a diversity of educational programs for all groups and consideration of the county’s diverse population in any kind of reorganization, consolidation, or expansion. 2. Full compliance with APS Nondiscrimination Policies.

Class Size – 1. A maximum class size set by the School Board assuring that each class has supplies, texts, equipment, and student-to-teacher ratio necessary for quality instruction. 2. Consistent implementation of planning factor guidelines.

Home/School Communication – 1. Effective and meaningful home/school communication at all school levels, using a variety of communication tools.

Professional Learning – 1. Resources devoted to a strong professional development program in all disciplines.

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