Calling All Passionate 'Defenders of Democracy' Leaders!

Nominating Committee

The League of Women Votes of Falls Church is looking for leaders!

As we head into the 2019 Local and State Election and the 2020 Presidential Election and the celebration of women's suffrage for 100 years, we're recruiting a team of leaders that encompasses commitment and passion to Get-Out-the-Vote and to lead in our advocacy efforts! Join the team and help lead us in our mission to 'Empower voters and Defend democracy'! 

At the Annual Meeting, Sunday, April 28th, 2019, members of the League of Women Voters of Falls Church will elect leaders who are passionate about expanding democracy. Are you a leader who cares deeply about educating voters, fighting for voting rights, doing GOTV, working with diverse organizations, and expanding the right to vote? Then consider applying for the leadership team at LWV of Falls Church. We are accepting nominations for Management Team Leaders (also known as co-Presidents), Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Committee Chair, and Nominating Committee Chair. 

If you are interstedted in learning more about what these roles do, read the 2016 Policies, Procedures, and Job Descriptions document.  You can also email the nominating committee chair-- amy.hjerstedt [at]

Please nominate yourself and/or a leader you know! Email Amy Hjerstedt, Nominating Committe Chair -- amy.hjerstedt [at]

Power of Women