2019-2020 Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

President Linda Benson lkblwv [at] gmail.com
Vice Presidents Jessica Hernandez
Rebekah Miller
mamamittens [at] gmail.com
bekmill [at] gmail.com
Treasurer Mickie Vail vail [at] olypen.com
Secretary Margie Whitmore froulady [at] gmail.com
Voter Services Committee Chair Paula Barnes paulabarnes [at] olypen.com
Healthcare Committee Chair Nancy Field nefield [at] seanet.com
Membership Committee Chair Marcia Radey rubyradey [at] gmail.com
Environment Committee Chair Carroll Hull CAHull [at] msn.com
Education Committee Chair Bonnie Bless-Boenish blessboenish [at] gmail.com
Communications Committee Chair T Lyn lyn.teresa [at] gmail.com

Responsibilities of the Clallam LWV Board of Directors

  1.  Administrative and policy-making arm of the League; 
  2. Provides directions and leadership in carrying out members’ decisions; 
  3. Ultimately responsible for all plans and activities of committees, study groups and ad hoc groups;
  4. Once the Board approves a study, project or program in broad outline, the responsible Director and/or Committee determines the details and, with regular progress reports to the Board, sees that the plan is carried out.

Meeting Dates and Times

Monthly Board Meetings: Board meetings are typically held the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. We have been meeting at the Port Angeles Library in the past; however that may change so check with the Board secretary for the current meeting place. All League members are welcome to attend the monthly board meetings. 

Committee Meetings: Committees typically meet at least monthly, at a date/time/location that is convenient for the Committee members. If the activity level is high for a Committee, they may meet more than once a month, or communicate via email. Once you have joined a Committee, you will be notified of the next meeting's date/time/location. If you are interested in joining a Committee, you are welcome to attend a Committee meeting before you make your decision. Simply contact the Committee's chair beforehand to let them know of your interest. 

Gatherings: Thoughout the year, we try to gather for a Summer BBQ and an Autumn Kick-off, just for fun and fellowship. These events are typically held at the home of a League member in either Port Angeles or Sequim. We encourage ALL members to attend, and to bring their family members/significant others. Food is served. Gathering dates, times. and locations will be announced in The Voter newsletter. Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

Annual Meetings: We currently hold at least two annual meetings, typically in Sequim. Both meetings are open to all League members, and we encourage ALL members to attend! For new members, these meetings are perfect for discovering what the League is all about. If you are inclined to actively participate in the League, this is a good time to figure out if your interests, skills, or experience match up with any of our Committee opportunities. Refreshments are served at both meetings. Dates, times, and locations will be announced in The Voter newsletter. Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly. 

  • In January, we hold the annual Program Planning Meeting. Proposals for new studies, projects, or programs for the coming year are presented and voted on by the membership. We'll welcome our new members, and visit with current members.
  • At the May Annual meeting, we elect and/or nominate board members and chairs (if applicable), find out what is going on in the Committees and the state legislature on issues we are interested in. We review the budget and receive updates on programs. We typically have a guest speaker or two. 
  • Strategic Planning Retreat: The Strategic Planning Retreat is held annually in the summer, usually at the home of a Board member or Committee chair. All Board members and standing Committee chairpersons attend. 

Meeting Guidelines

Our members discuss topics in a respectful setting. We learn effective techniques for public discussion, how to advocate on specific policies, and what the issues beneath the rhetoric are. Our study and consensus process ensures that we are fully informed on issues before we take a stand. We also host public forums and debates which are well known for being fair, transparent and civil. This approach has earned the League a global reputation for integrity and thoroughness.