Board of Directors 2019-2020

LWV Clallam board of directors
President: Linda Benson lkblwv@gmailcom
Vice Presidents: Jessica Hernandez
Rebekah Miller
mamamittens [at]
bekmill [at]
Treasurer: Mickie Vail vail [at]
Secretary: Margie Whitmore froulady [at]
Membership Committee: Marcia Radey rubyradey [at]
Voter Services Committee: Paula Barnes paulabarnes [at]
Education Committee: Bonnie Bless-Boenish blessboenish [at]

The Board of Directors is the administrative and policy-making arm of the League of Women Voters of Clallam County. The Board provides direction and leadership in carrying out members’ decisions. The Board is ultimately responsible for all plans and activities of committees, study groups and ad hoc groups. Once the Board has approved a study, project or program in broad outline, the responsible Director and/or Committee determine the details and, with regular progress reports to the Board, see that the plan is carried out.