How to Join a ZOOM Meeting

How to Join a ZOOM Meeting

Join a ZOOM Meeting

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While Zoom meetings are, in theory, a videoconference meeting, you have the option of participating in four main ways. What option you choose will depend on the equipment you have.

Participate via Your Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone

  1. Participate with audio and video through your computer or smart phone.
  2. If you have a webcam, but don’t have a microphone or speakers with your computer, you canparticipate with video from your computer, and audio from your phone. If you don’t have a webcam with your computer, you can watch the others on video from your computer, and participate through your phone.
  3. If you don’t have access to a computer or internet connection, you can just participate using your phone.

Join the Meeting

  1. Open the email invitation you received to the meeting. If you are connecting with your computer for a video call, click the “Join Zoom Meeting” Link,and skip to Step 2. If you are going to call into the meeting, dial the phone number listed below, and enter the Meeting ID number when prompted.
  2. Click “Open Zoom Meetings.” This will install (if necessary) and launch the Zoom Meeting app, and automatically add you to the meeting.
  3. Enter the Meeting Password. Next you will need to enter the meeting password. This is on the emailed meeting invitation.
  4. Choose an audio option. If your computer has a speaker and a microphone, choose “Join with Computer Audio.” (If your computer has a video camera, it will almost certainly have these things.) If it doesn’t, then choose “Phone Call,” and follow the instructions on how to call into the meeting while also staying on video.  

ZOOM Features

Feature 1: Mute. Click on this icon to turn off your microphone. This is useful if you are eating something crunchy, or are
in a noisy space, or if there a more than 2 or 3 people on a call because it helps eliminate background
noise on a call. You would just click it again to unmute yourself when you want to speak.

Feature 2: Stop Video. This works the same way as the mute button, but for your video camera. If you need to leave the
meeting for a minute, or do something private, click this button to hide your image from everyone else.

Feature 3: Share Screen. This enables you to show people what in currently happening on your computer. This is useful for sharing documents or showing people how to do something on a website or with software. 

Feature 4: End Meeting. This is your hang-up button—it ends your participation in the meeting.

More on Screen Sharing

  • After you click “Share Screen,” a window will pop up asking you to choose a window or application that you would like to share with the other people on this call. (1) Click on the window you want to share, and then (2) click “Share.”
  • When you are ready to stop sharing your screen, click the red “Stop Share” button at the top of your window.

Having Trouble with Your Internet Connection? Try This!

  1. If you have been experiencing any issues with your internet connection, you want to do a few things to reduce the likelihood
  2. that will happen mid-meeting. If you can, connect your computer or laptop directly to your modem with an ethernet cable (those are the super-sized phone cable-looking things).
  3. If that isn’t an option, consider using your telephone to provide audio in your meeting, while you still use your computer/laptop/iPad to do video. You can choose that option next, when this pop-up window appears asking if you want to use your computer’s microphone and speakers, or if you would prefer to use your telephone. Click on “Phone Call.”
  4. This brings up a bunch of phone numbers you can call to join the meeting on a phone. Dial one of the numbers (they have been busy lately, so you may have to try several), and then enter the Meeting ID and the # sign.
  5. Next, your computer should give you a participant ID to enter into the phone that will match your phone audio with your computer video: Congratulations! You’re in the meeting!
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