Observer Corps: Protecting Your Right To Know

Observer Corps: Protecting Your Right To Know

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Protecting Our Right to Know Is Integral to Our Democracy

The League Observer Corps keeps our membership informed about the meetings of our elected representatives on the Port Angeles City Council, the Sequim City Council and the Board of County Commissioners. After attending their meetings, the observer writes a summary report of what occurred at the meeting. Reports are disseminated by email to membership.

We are the eyes and ears of the League. Our reports keep our membership informed about not only local issues but the decision making process of our elected reps. In addition, by our presence at meetings, we demonstrate our desire to be informed and active participants in local government, and build good public relations as visible examples of citizens seeking to understand public policy issues and the workings of our elected boards and councils.

You can read the latest observer reports here! (You must sign into the Members Only section first to access). 

Become a League Observer!

We always need more observers so read the job description below, then send your contact info to with the subject line Interested in Observer Corps to let us know if you are interested in observing any of our public meetings. It’s a wonderful opportunity  to learn about government in action and report information of importance to our League.   

Katie Wooden
Observer Corps Chair

LWVCLA Observer Corps Job Description

Requirements: An observer is interested and enjoys listening and watching a local government organization at work.  An observer attends a meeting of either the Sequim City council, the Port Angeles City Council or the Board of County Commissioners once a month. Before attending a meeting, he or she reads the agenda and/or information packet that is on the web. After attending the meeting, he or she writes an accurate and objective report. The observer wears a League Observer pin.

Process: Read the agenda and packet on line before the meeting. Take notes during the meeting and write a report about what occurred at the meeting. A League Observer does not speak at the meeting unless for clarification and is NOT a spokesperson for the League on any subject at the meeting.
Time required: 4-6 hours once a month. Meetings last on average 2-3 hours although some are longer and some are shorter. Writing a report takes about 2-3 hours depending on the length of the meeting and the skill of the observer. The observer is free to use any format and style which conveys the information in a neutral manner.

Schedule: Observers observe a meeting once a month and coordinates the day with the other members who are observing. We observe three different government bodies:

  1. Board of County Commissioners Work Session is every Monday at 9:00 AM in Port Angeles. On holiday Mondays there is a shorter meeting on Tuesday from 9:00-10:00 AM
  2. Port Angeles City Council meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 PM
  3. Sequim City Council meets on the 2nd & 4th Monday of the month at 6:00 PM

Present Needs: We need one or two observers for the Sequim City Council. We need a third observer for the Port Angeles City Council. We need substitutes too. Any of the current observers will be pleased to provide orientation and assistance to a new observer.

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