April 15 Program: The Basics of Climate Change and the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Bill

Climate Change

April 15 Program:  The Basics of Climate Change and the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Bill

What is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Legislation? How does it relate to reducing Green House Gasses? And why do we think it will work? The Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) group has been working toward this legislation for 11 years. Now the bill is before Congress to:

     -enact a steadily rising cost for the burning of fossil fuels by imposing a fee upstream at the mine, well, or port of entry;
     -provide 100% of the net fees back to American households as a monthly dividend to offset the rising prices of gasoline, natural gas, fuel oil, and manufactured goods made using fossil fuels as the energy source; and
     -includes border adjustments in the form of import fees or rebates in order to discourage businesses from relocating. 

This Carbon Fee and Dividend plan (CF&D) does not increase the size of government. It is not a tax. It does create a market incentive for companies and all Americans to switch to clean energy sooner rather than later. 

Studies have shown that CF&D policy would be an economic stimulus package with Wisconsin among the states benefiting most. Come to the April program to learn more; Kate Hancock-Cooke from CCL will be our speaker.

We hope you'll be able to join us:

WHEN;  Monday April 15, 5:00-6:30 pm
(the program will begin promptly at 5:30)

WHERE:  Copper Rock coffee shop
210 College Ave. in downtown Appleton

Copper Rock is providing the venue at no charge, so come early to buy food and beverages to enjoy throughout the meeting!