Program 2018 - 2019

Program 2018 - 2019

Program is the basis for both advocacy and education within the League of Women Voters. League advocacy is based on member study and agreement of selected issues which become official statements of position. Concerted efforts are put forth to achieve public policies consistent with League Positions.

The League’s citizen education activities provide information about public issues, including those on which we have a position.

Voter services activities are designed to provide citizens with unbiased, factual information that they can use as a basis for reaching their own decisions.

League Members, at the 2018 Annual Meeting, voted to embark on one new study this year while the Education Study continues into its second year.


  • Youth Advocacy and Justice
  • Education

Last year, 2017, a study committee was directed to review the position, Juveniles At Risk, with an eye toward updating the position. The committee, after having surveyed various research-based studies, found the existing position needed more than updating as the position statements were completely outdated. The committee reported out at the January 2018 Lively Issues meeting and recommended that a new study be launched. The ensuing discussion led to another recommendation, a change in the title of the study to Youth Advocacy and Justice. It was felt that this title was a more positive reflection of our youth. These recommendations were carried to the 2018 Annual Meeting where League members voted to move forward with the new study.