Beloit League

Beloit League

History of the Beloit League

Serving the Beloit Community for 72 years!

In March 1945 a group of Beloit women believed that even though they were busy caring for their homes and families, they were perfectly capable not only of taking an interest in government, but of putting their convictions into action. They organized the Beloit chapter of the League of Women Voters and joined thousands of American women who had set their sights on the future and who were already working for post WWII reconstruction and ways to promote peace and the betterment of humanity.

In its first 60+ years of service the Beloit League has explored many local issues, such as city government, education, child welfare, housing, sewage treatment, planning, zoning, -- and more.

Thousands of citizens have been registered to vote by Beloit League members. In its earliest years, the Beloit League originated the Candidates Rallies that are now a popular activity of many other organizations as well.

We have educated women who have gone on to positions of leadership in this community, the state, and even at the national level. League members are almost always involved in projects to promote citizen education and citizen participation in government. There is probably no other national organization in America that inspires such a great degree of committment from its members. The LWV is successful because its members know their efforts do shape our way of life - in Beloit Wisconsin and in the USA. See also League History from the League of Women Voters of the US.