Beloit City Council and School Board

Elected representatives on the Beloit City Council and School Board and how you can contact them.

City Council

Name Title Term Expiration Phone Number Email Address
Kevin Leavy Councilor April 2022 608-364-4525 leavyk [at] beloitwi.gov
Regina Dunkin President April 2022 608-751-5108 dunkinr [at] beloitwi.gov
Clinton Anderson  Vice-President April 2021 608-302-7913 AndersonC [at] beloitwi.gov
Sherry Blakely Councilor April 2021 608-362-1417 blakeleys [at] beloitwi.gov
Paul Martin Councilor April 2022    
 Nancy Forbeck Councilor April 2021 608-290-9130 ForbeckN [at] beloitwi.gov
 Mark Preuschl Councilor April 2022 608-921-0676 preuschlm [at] beloitwi.gov

School Board

Name Title Address Phone Number Email Address
Spencer Anderson  Board Member      
Maria Delgado Board Member      
Stephanie Jacobs Board Member 1670 Indian Road 608-289-5287 sjacobs [at] sdb.k12.wi.us
Kyle Larsen Clerk 1325 10th Street 608-481-0436 dbaskin [at] sdb.k12.wi.us
Amiee Leavey Board Member      
 Megan Miller Treasurer 1811 Vista Drive 608-931-6598   mmiller [at] sdb.k12.wi.us
John Wong Vice President 2719 Sharon Drive 608-751-4028 jwong [at] sdb.k12.wi.us