Spring Elections 2020

Spring Elections 2020

Offices and candidates for the spring 2020 elections in Rock County

Beloit City Council

There are four open seats on the City Council and six candidates running.  They are:

  • Regina Dunkin (incumbent).       Elected
  • Brittany Keys (challenger).         Elected
  • Kevin Leavy (incumbent).           Elected
  • Paul Martin (challenger).            Elected
  • Mark Preuschl (incumbent).       Elected
  • Markese Terrell (challenger)

To watch the City Forum click here!

School District of Beloit's School Board

There are four open seats on the School Board and six candidates running.  They are:

  • Spencer Anderson (challenger).    Elected.    1 year term
  • Pam Charles (incumbent)
  • Maria Delgado (challenger).           Elected
  • Stephanie Jacobs (incumbent).     Elected
  • Aimee Leavy (challenger).              Elected
  • Wendy Sanchez (incumbent)

The top two vote-getters will serve three-year terms, the third-highest will serve a two-year term, and the fourth-highest will serve a one-year term


Turner School District Board

  • Norm Jacobs (incumbent).      Elected
  • John Pelock (incumbent)         Elected


Town of Turtle Town Board

  • Steve Heumiller (challenger) 
  • Carl McMillan (challenger)


Rock County Board of Supervisors

  • District 6: Brenton Driscoll (challenger)
  •                   Robert Potter (incumbent).          Elected
  • District 11: Kaely Lokrantz (incumbent)       Elected
  • District 12: Wayne Gustina (incumbent)       Elected
  • District 13: Kevin Leavy (incumbent)            Elected
  • District 14: deadline extended                     Elected.     Shirley Williams
  • District 15: Yuri Rashkin (incumbent)           Elected
  • District 16: Phillip Owens (incumbent)
  •                    Jacob Taylor (challenger)           Elected
  • District 17: deadline extended                     Elected.      Kara Purviance


State-level elections are:

Justice of the Supreme Court

  • Edward Fallone (challenger)
  • Jill Karofsky (challenger).           Elected
  • Daniel Kelly (incumbent)