Green Bay WI City Hall

Please click on the link to add your name as a volunteer.

Participating in the LWV Observer Corps benefits both the LWV member who is discovering what is happening at the local government meetings as well as the elected officials who know that their procedures are being watched.

LWV has had observers attend the Brown County Board of Supervisors in the past, and this year we have added observers to the Green Bay City Common Council. The ​Brown County​ ​Board of Supervisors​ meets at City Hall, second floor at 7:00 PM.on the third Wednesday. The chair of the board is Patrick Moynihan, and there are 26 members with six standing committees: Executive, Administrative, Public Safety, Human Services, Education and Recreation, and Planning, Development, and Transportation. Green Bay Common Council ​typically meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers, Room 203, City Hall.

There is a simple report to fill out so that we have a record of attendance and any information that you may want to share. Many months, there is little or nothing extra to report. What we are looking for is discussion of issues relevant to our local and state LWV positions. it is an important time to be involved because the league is working hard to push both the city and the county to address redistricting and gerrymandering.



Issues referenced by this action alert: