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Montana State Convention

2023 Montana State Convention

Members attending the Montana State Convention held in Helena, May 6-7, 2023


Bozeman - Sweet Pea Parade 2021

Bozeman - 2021 Sweet Pea Parade

photo of people in white around statue of Jeannette Rankin in Montana Capitol

100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment Celebration

100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment Ratification celebration honoring suffragist Jeannette Rankin in the Montana state Capitol building.  Helena League hosted, with members from other Leagues attending.  

Photo of statue of Jeannette Rankin, first woman elected to US Congress

Jeannette Rankin, first female Congressman

Jeannette Rankin's statue in the Montana state capitol. Rankin was the first woman elected to the US Congress.

image of Montana state capitol building with flower beds in foreground

Montana State Capitol

The League of Women Voters Montana monitors and seeks to influence state legislative actions. 

voter banner with many words encouraging voting

Vote poster

Encouraging People to Vote

League of Women Voters Logo

Logo of the League

League of Women Voters Making Democracy Strong


The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, seeks to defend and improve our democracy, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. 


Note to members: Active LWV members are encouraged to register (see top right of screen) to access the MEMBERS-ONLY CONTENT on this website. All those registering will be verified before their access is approved.  After you register, please send an email to montanalwv [at] to notify us that you have registered. Check back in a day or two and log in. 



 Vote411 offers information for every voter in the United States. The League's one-stop-shop for nonpartisan election-related information. Register to vote, find candidate information, & much more.

Photo of sign on building that reads City Hall

Action Alerts

Montana has the only state constitution in the nation that requires its local governments to ask citizens every 10 years if they want to assess the effectiveness of their local government structure and provision of services. This will be on the ballot in June of 2024! Find out more here.

Image of Scroll with Preamble to MT Constitution

LWV Montana is hosting a signature campaign "Show Support for Our Montana Constitution." You can add your name to the Declaration of Support here!

Women Delegates at the 1972 Montana State Constitution

2022 marked the 50th anniversary of Montana's Constitution. Learn more about our Constitution and why it was heralded as a national model for state constitutions. Watch presentations recently recorded with prominent speakers. Join us as we celebrate our unique state constitution and encourage Montanans to know what it contains and why it is important for present and future generations.

collage of faces of many different people from all backgrounds
Research & Studies

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a priority for LWV Montana. Check out this page for resources to help your League act!

image of the Statue of liberty in front of flag, with Equal Rights Amendment - It's Time

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the United States Constitution guaranteeing equal rights regardless of sex has never been ratified - but we are on the brink! With Virginia ratifying the ERA in January, 2020, the required 38 states have ratified. All we need now is for the Senate to pass legislation removing the deadline.