LWVDE Voter Summer Edition 2019

LWVDE Voter Summer Edition 2019

LWVDE Delaware Voter


The League of Women Voters of Delaware has issued the summer edition of the VOTER 2019. Please find a link below to the VOTER which contains a roundup of legislation of the 150th legislative session and LWV activities of the last three months .


  • LWVDE Acting on Public Policy Issues – Advocacy Report-page 1
  • LWVDE Convention 2019 Highlights-pages 1-2
  • LWVDE Alternative Voting Methodologies Study-page 2
  • Congratulations to Charlotte King-page 2
  • Co-presidents’ Message-page 2
  • LWVUS Council 2019 Meeting Highlights-page 3
  • LWVDE hosting African Students-page 4
  • We’re the We in We the People on YouTube-page 4
  • Finance Committee Report-page 5
  • Significant Bills Addressed by LWVDE in 2019-pages 5-9
  • News from one of our local leagues-page10
  • Will Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)Tankers becoming Down the Delaware River?-pages 10-12
  • Thank you to our contributors-page 12
  • Calendar-page 12

    PDF iconThe LWVDE Summer VOTER 2019
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