Health Care Reform--January Monthly Membership Meeting (taped presentation)

Health Care Reform--January Monthly Membership Meeting (taped presentation)

Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Health Care Reform--The US League’s statement of support for “a national [program] financed through general taxes in place of individual…premiums” — now also called Improved and Enhanced Medicare for All — is clear.  Join us for a discussion led by Dr Gronemeyer on what is needed for health care reform

Dr. Gronemeyer discussed various health care system options, focusing on Medicare for All and why it is the best option. Dr. Gronemeyer recommends this website for more information, including groups working against Medicare for All: The LWV position on health care agrees that a Medicare for All system is best.

The presentation was videotaped and can be found here.  

 Note: If you are interested in this issue, Click HERE to see the LWVUS
position on Health Care and other information that will provide a good background


Our speaker Dr. Pam Gronemeyer is a PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program)
member, former co-president of PNHP-IL (southern division), board member of
Missourians for Single-Payer, and former vice president of the Illinois Single Payer
Coalition board. She is a board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist. She received
a biology degree from Washington University in St. Louis; attended Tufts University
School of Medicine; and completed her pathology residencies at New England
Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Barnes-Jewish Hospital of St. Louis, and St. Louis
University Hospitals.
Dr. Gronemeyer is the director and a woman small business owner of SEMC Pathology,
LLC in Highland, IL, a pathology business that provides services to seven critical
access hospitals in the Red Bud Regional hospital (Red Bud, IL), Washington County
Hospital (Nashville, IL), Pinckneyville Community Hospital (Pinckneyville, IL), Marshall
Browning Hospital (DuQuoin, IL), Memorial Hospital (Staunton, IL), Ferrell Hospital in
Eldorado, IL and Franklin Hospital in Benton, IL. The service also runs a CAP
(accredited cytology laboratory) with testing for sexually-transmitted diseases and
gynecologic and nongynecologic cytologies.
Dr. Gronemeyer is actively involved in directing the infection control committees in the
hospitals as well as working on quality assurance activities and advocating for patient
safety. She believes “healthcare is a human right” and provides healthcare insurance to
her employees and their dependents. She is an activist in her community and in the
healthcare arena. As the child of a late union laborer, she knows that our safety net is
vital to the preservation of our democracy.