Change your League's colors/theme

Change your League's colors/theme

We are excited to offer engaging color and menu design options for all MyLO customers. You can choose from the following themes and menu design options. 

Find a design that fits your community:

Design Options About
Design 1 - Side menu bar using purple and gold: EXAMPLE Follow the steps below to set your site's theme to Design 1.
Design 2 - Top menu bar using purple and gold: EXAMPLE mylo [at] (Contact us) today to change your site's theme and menu to Design 2. Your design change only takes a few days.
(NOTE: Callouts not available with Design 2.)
Design 3 - Side menu bar using traditional red and blue: EXAMPLE Your League's site will be set to this theme by default. If not currently in use, follow the steps below to set your site's theme to Design 3.
 NOT available with the top menu bar)

Follow these steps to apply Design 1 or 3:

  1. Go to your League landing page.
  2. Click on "New draft" (or "Edit draft" if you already have unpublished changes).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and expand the Advanced Settings.
  4. Find the section titled: Colors with which your League displays (theme).
  5. Choose the theme that best fits your League (the site-wide theme definition is what is currently set at 
  6. Under Promotion settings, change your moderation state to "Published" (if you are not ready to do this, you can keep it in draft longer if you'd like and publish later, bu the change will not be public until you publish).
  7. Click "Save" to apply your theme change.

Now your site will display in the new theme of your choosing!

NOTE: If you want the top-navigational menu with the Purple & Gold theme (Design 2), reach out to the MyLO Team at mylo [at] To avoid menu item overlap, you'll be responsible for sticking to a single-line menu to maintain the League design 2 template. The system will not warn you when you've exceeded one horizontal line. 

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